Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Prime Minister gets it.

He referred obliquely to reports that the killer played a violent computer game and posted angry messages of a dark web site.

"We as a society have trouble squaring our outrage at some of the images we see, some of the messages that are communicated to people -- young people, in particular -- with our belief in freedom and our desire to avoid censorship,'' he said.

"However bad these things may be, they do not absolve any of us from our moral responsibility as individuals to act in ways that treat our fellow human beings with decency.

"Whether there's something we can do to control it, I can't tell you that, but I can tell you that nothing excuses what the killer did yesterday.''

Moral responsibility.

Nothing excuses what the killer did.

And that after refusing to "Play politics" today on the issue. Class, smarts, decency, the guys got it all!

Enter the scapegoat!

As soon as the cordite smell clears and the live coverage ends, the Media go looking for their favorite scapegoat. A quick and easy target that they can place the blame for an evil person's actions, because it just isn't sensational enough to blame the shooter.

Why yes, I'm talking about video games. The first target of the hack journalist.

Never mind personal responsibility, animated pixels programmed him to killkillkill!

Forget about the fact that virtually every 20-something has played games, or plays games regularly. The media wants you to believe that games can turn any person into a homicidal maniac, never mind the fact that violent youth crime rates have been steadily falling for 20 years.

Ignore the the voluntary ratings given to games are far more stringent than for any other type of entertainment. (ESRB will rate a game T for teen for showing tobacco use) According to the Media parental responsibility does not exist.

The fact remains, Video Games are a quick and easy target while the concept that evil and crazy people remains a hard sell.

Now, if you don't mind I'm really angry right now so I'm going to go play a game and work off my frustration!