Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Prime Minister gets it.

He referred obliquely to reports that the killer played a violent computer game and posted angry messages of a dark web site.

"We as a society have trouble squaring our outrage at some of the images we see, some of the messages that are communicated to people -- young people, in particular -- with our belief in freedom and our desire to avoid censorship,'' he said.

"However bad these things may be, they do not absolve any of us from our moral responsibility as individuals to act in ways that treat our fellow human beings with decency.

"Whether there's something we can do to control it, I can't tell you that, but I can tell you that nothing excuses what the killer did yesterday.''

Moral responsibility.

Nothing excuses what the killer did.

And that after refusing to "Play politics" today on the issue. Class, smarts, decency, the guys got it all!


Anonymous Calgary Junkie said...

Don Newman's "Politics" program had a segement on gun control. It started with clips of Harper's news conference, then had a Liberal and BLOC MP. Usually, Newman inserts a disclaimer along the lines of "we asked a Conservative MP to join the discussion, but none were available ...". This time, Newman's disclaimer was something like "since we've already shown the Prime Minster's position, we will now have the Opposition's point of view ...". Or roughly those words. I dunno, but
Newman's tone wrt the Conservatives is turning ever so slightly more negative. Whereas he's being palsy-walsy a bit too much with his Liberal guests, not really challenging them as much
as he could and should. I hate to nit-pick, but it just bugs me that we have to settle for such mediocrity. Somebody bring back the "Cross-fire" format! It'd be a sure-fire ratings winner.

3:07 PM, September 14, 2006  
Blogger Albertan Technophile said...

I saw that too. Mr. Newmans choices for that debate were two MPs who agreed with each other and disagreed with PMSH.

How in dah hell is that a debate?

My whole purpose of watching Politics is to see what the parties have to say, and how they debate the issue of the day.

6:18 PM, September 14, 2006  

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