Thursday, May 03, 2007

Canadian McCarthyism

Today the parliamentary committee for official languages called Hockey Canada officials to the floor to explain why they made Shane Doan the Team Canada captain. Doan was accused of making a slur against a referree during a game.

As anybody who plays hockey or enjoys a good game of hockey will tell you, pissing and moaning about the ref is part of the bloody game. Not to mention that Shane Doan has been proven to not have said what the referree says that he did. Basically its a pretty damn childish thing in the first place, and to bring it before a parliamentary comittee after the NHL and Hockey Canada have already have resolved the issue brings it to an entirely new strata of idiocy.

This should never have been brought before a committee and it definately should not have been a unanimous decision by the committee to have this McCarthy like prosecution of Mr Shane Doan. In my humble opinion this entire waste of money and committee time is a very good reason for any voter who has a MP in the committee NOT to vote for that person in the next election, regardless of party affiliation.

We deserve and I demand a responsible government. Including all MPs, opposition or in power.