Thursday, July 27, 2006

Terrorists using an UN Ambulance.

So they hide behind civilians, store weapons in Mosques and hospitals, and deliberately attack civilians.

Theres a word for that... Chickenshit.
Whats happening to Canada??

There were two things you could count on, since the '90s. These were Canadian as Hockey and Maple Syrup, deep down every citizen KNEW these two laws as well as they knew that Grass is green and water is wet. Almost official Canadian values!

  1. All politicians are liars and slime.
  2. Election promises have no bearing on what will happen after the election.
However, these two absolute laws of Canadian politics are becoming obsolete with the new Harper government. The conservatives are, with their accountablity act, are making law number one extremely difficult to obey. Also, Conservative MP's are wasting less of our money, an example is thier taking commercial airlines instead of the Challenger jets that the previous government felt entitled to use whenever they felt like.

Law number two is under heavy bombardment from Steven Harpers government, with more kept promises than I have the energy to list. GST cut, Accountability act, child care credit, Hep C payments, Apology to Head Tax survivors, to name a SMALL number of the many promises kept.

Oh! Woe is me, what is Mr Harpers Conservatives going to do to us next?
Two things,

I've deleted a post I made because I was too groggy from having just woken up to keep my facts straight. I'll try to do better in the future.

I've added a title image to snazz up the joint. Thats my face, giving my patented "F*** off and die" look. Hope yah like it. Next step is the purple text. I'm not a purple kinda guy...