Friday, August 18, 2006

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Wierd question, why do Canadians call Toyotas "imports"?

Every Corolla sold in Canada is made in Canada, hell buying one is almost a patriotic choice! LINK

Story on Canadian built vehicles here. LINK

JAMA Canada, list of Canadian built Japanese vehicles LINK

Heh, kinda cool huh?
"Thank you Hezbollah for getting my home blown to pieces!" LINK

Holy shit these people are arfing STUPID!

Think about it, Hezbollah, doing the bidding of a foreign power picks a fight with another foreign power. Then they use your driveway to launch rockets packed full of ballbearings and high explosives into population centers full of innocent civilians. That makes your home a legal target by international law, so it gets bombed into dust. Then after the war, a Hezbollah agent gives you $15k and says how great it is that your family is dead because they're martyrs!

What would you do?
A political cartoon for now. Enjoy