Saturday, July 15, 2006

A scheme under which gunmen in the Democratic Republic of Congo are given bicycles in exchange for their weapons is being extended due to its success.

Heh, good deal for the ex-fighter since a Kalishnikov rifle is worth only $20 or so in N. Africa.
Well, that went well!

Current events;

I figure that the theory that Iran is behind the Hezbollah's kidnapping of Israels soldiers makes a helluva lot of sense. In an evil twisted kinda way.

  • Iran's theocratic rulers feel religiously obligated to destroy Israel
  • In order to do that they've tried funding terrorist organisations like Hezbollaha and Hamas
  • When that failed to show real results Iran started trying to get nukes under a thin guise of nuclear power generation.
  • The G8 meeting going on now was a good opportunity for Russia to be talked into supporting sanctions that may force Iran to set aside her nuke ambitions.
  • Realising this Iran sent Hezbollah to raise a nice shitstorm to distract the G8
Any thoughts? Am I fulla shit?
Hello blogosphere! Hopefully I wont bugger this all up and will actually be able to get some of the thoughts rattling 'round in my head out there for people to disagree with.

Heh, heres hoping.