Friday, July 21, 2006

Bad parenting hurts more than the children. Palestinian kids interviewed on TV talk about killing Jews. This vid. is going to piss you off!


A Pennsylvania congressman who said that Grand Theft Auto was more likely to be a bad influence on ghetto children than their suburban counterparts feels he has been mistreated by Jon Stewart and The Daily Show.

What the senators in the story, and all of the politicians who attack gaming miss is that Grand Theft Auto and games like it are not for, or marketed to kids! They also miss the most important point in this issue, PARENTS should be deciding what thier kids play, parents should be watching what thier kids play, watch on TV, what sites thier kids go to on the internet. Thats the job of parents, not a nanny state!
CTV news bitches about the evacuation

With the typical arrogance that we've all come to expect from a media with very little scruples about how they report a crisis. I am so very sick of the whole issue, I'm a smart lad, I know the truth so quit digging for the whiners and report an HONEST story!

Earl McRae of the Ottawa Sun says what I want to say about the entire issue, only with far more skill than I could manage.

How sick and shameful it is that -- instead of rising above politics and winning human respect by praising the Harper government for doing the best it can logistically in this moment that caught everyone off guard and that could have dire consequences for us all -- small, sad minds like Liberals Scott Brison and Dan McTeague and NDPer Alexa McDonough are flaunting their terrifying lack of leadership quality and brains by saying the Harper government didn't respond fast and effectively enough to the evacuation of Canadians from Lebanon, that it's unacceptably chaotic.