Monday, August 14, 2006

82% of Canadians agree with PM Harpers pro-Israel stance, according to a new poll.

An overwhelming number of Canadians support Prime Minister Stephen Harper's assertion that Israel's attacks on Lebanon are justified because Israel has a right to self defence and say Iran and Syria are wrong to have armed Hezbollah, according to a new poll to be released today.

The poll, which was conducted by public opinion researcher COMPAS Inc., will appear today in the news magazine Western Standard. The poll states that 82 per cent of Canadians asked believe that Israel has a right to self defence.

And thats despite the Medias best efforts to influence public sentiment by spotlighting the vocal few who protest vehemently against any view that agrees with Bush, or that would disagree with the Islamafacist groups like Hezbollah or Hamas.

Bravo, my fellow Canadians! Once again I glad to see my countrymen using thier minds and not the media to think with!