Friday, April 27, 2007

An Impossible Situation

The big buzz around parliament hill is the Afghan prisoners and the allegations of torture and abuse after being handed over to the Afghan officials. The NDP in particular have been tossing around owrds like war criminals and war crimes in the general direction of the government and especially against our troops. The Liberals are marginally more intelligent in their attacks but no less immoral.

We know very well that the NDP have an absolute hate-on for anybody in uniform especially our valiant troops, who are absolutely and without question NOT war criminals! And I am very very not surprised to hear them take the word of their friends in the Taliban at face value. After all the NDP has been unwavering in their support for the Taliban.

The Liberals are outright liars in several points in this issue;

The liberal defense minister was the one who signed the prisoner transfer agreement yet Ugal Dusange (spelling but I dont care) grilled the conservative defense minister O'Connor about who signed the agreement and when.

The Liberals are also taking the word of the Taliban at face value, or at least are saying that it isnt important who is making the allegations because no matter what, its all the conservatives fault. Even though the prisoner transfer agreement was signed by the liberals.

Unfortunately no matter whose mess it is, the consevative government have been handed the bag and it is up to them to clean up the legal mess, lies or no lies. Canada is culpable for anything that is happens or is alleged to have happened to our prisoners by international law, law that the taliban do not respect.

I believe that it is time for a little bit of perspective.

Canadian forces meet with the village elders and discuss what the elders would like to happen to their village, while the taliban blow in and kill a few people while they tell the elders what the taliban want to happen.

Canadian reconstruction forces build schools and make it possible for female students to go to them, while the taliban burn the schools and hang the teacher from a tree out front for teaching the female students.

Canadian soldiers hand out candy to kids, while the taliban sneak up with explosive underwear on to blow up the kids.

The taliban behead and torture all of their prisoners and videotape it for Al Jazeera, while the Canadian forces will even defend the taliban prisoners from execution by Afghan armed forces.

Is that enough perspective? Or do you need to watch the following video to finally understand the kind of scum we are up against?