Friday, April 27, 2007

An Impossible Situation

The big buzz around parliament hill is the Afghan prisoners and the allegations of torture and abuse after being handed over to the Afghan officials. The NDP in particular have been tossing around owrds like war criminals and war crimes in the general direction of the government and especially against our troops. The Liberals are marginally more intelligent in their attacks but no less immoral.

We know very well that the NDP have an absolute hate-on for anybody in uniform especially our valiant troops, who are absolutely and without question NOT war criminals! And I am very very not surprised to hear them take the word of their friends in the Taliban at face value. After all the NDP has been unwavering in their support for the Taliban.

The Liberals are outright liars in several points in this issue;

The liberal defense minister was the one who signed the prisoner transfer agreement yet Ugal Dusange (spelling but I dont care) grilled the conservative defense minister O'Connor about who signed the agreement and when.

The Liberals are also taking the word of the Taliban at face value, or at least are saying that it isnt important who is making the allegations because no matter what, its all the conservatives fault. Even though the prisoner transfer agreement was signed by the liberals.

Unfortunately no matter whose mess it is, the consevative government have been handed the bag and it is up to them to clean up the legal mess, lies or no lies. Canada is culpable for anything that is happens or is alleged to have happened to our prisoners by international law, law that the taliban do not respect.

I believe that it is time for a little bit of perspective.

Canadian forces meet with the village elders and discuss what the elders would like to happen to their village, while the taliban blow in and kill a few people while they tell the elders what the taliban want to happen.

Canadian reconstruction forces build schools and make it possible for female students to go to them, while the taliban burn the schools and hang the teacher from a tree out front for teaching the female students.

Canadian soldiers hand out candy to kids, while the taliban sneak up with explosive underwear on to blow up the kids.

The taliban behead and torture all of their prisoners and videotape it for Al Jazeera, while the Canadian forces will even defend the taliban prisoners from execution by Afghan armed forces.

Is that enough perspective? Or do you need to watch the following video to finally understand the kind of scum we are up against?


Anonymous Caveman said...

In a different, better day and age, the morons in the NDP and Liberals would be in jail for providing aid and comfort to the enemy. The fifth columnists in Canada aren't Islamists, they're her Majesty's Disloyal Opposition.

The lowest ranking Canadian soldier serving his or her country is a much, much better citizen and human being than any leftie arsehole, politician or fellow traveller.

6:46 PM, April 27, 2007  
Blogger hunter said...

Pure evil. Pure hate. And the opposition want to protect the scum that does this, because a journalist interviewed 30 supposed Canadian detainees? How did this journalist manage to find 30 out of 40 Canadian detainess, and how is it that they were all tortured? The opposition is disgusting, soiling our troops and Canada's good name for political gain.

7:11 PM, April 27, 2007  
Blogger Albertan Technophile said...

caveman, amen my friend. our soldiers become heroes the moment they pull on thier uniforms and stand before hate and evil saying 'you shall not pass'.

8:15 PM, April 27, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CTV's Lisa Lafamme put her foot in her mouth when she was on such a time delay that she thought she had the scoup of the century that War-Crimes were committed by our troops , during a CTV interview over the new evidence to expose the Liberal and NDP lies based on a G&M article , the host cut to Lafamme who was beaming as if the Jury was back and it was a slam-dunk Guilty charge.
You would think the media learned from the Arar case that if a canadian newpaper assumed a citizen was guilty by the lack of evidence to prove innocence and it's hearsay 4th and 5th party translations from Arabic printed it as if it was fact, they would at least try to assume our Soldier were innocent before Lisa convicted them by Taliban testimony.
So low and behold the host is trying to stop Lisa from her CNN style rants by Lampour who would talk on and on and fill the 5 second delay for dead-air , Lisa finally took a break and was told of this new evidence , but she insisted the man across the table told her to her face that the claims were true.
When Lisa ran her special to show the taliban where our troops were and the offensive stragedies
by APC's , it was about 2 weeks later the Goddard was ambushed by a sniper that waited for her head to pop up and Lisa showed for scouting the enemy.
The media is now a bunch of weasels selling their souls for a Award on Journalism and they give a damn who gets murdered from the irresponsible filming that the enemy uses to spot the troop positions, the Taliban know the landscape and can spot most hills and hamlets, the road landmine the murdered 6 soldiers was planned based on video evidence from CTV on how our troop advance and where the tires rid in the road surface.
The moron Dawn Black told Charles Adler she was disgusted at the non-air conditioned tanks our troops used in the hot weather over there, but in the next breath
she rants about Harper excalating the Liberal war with big air-conditions tanks with big scarey guns on them.
The NDP are weasels , and maybe Libby Davies, Bill Siksay, and Svend Robinson could visit the Taliban and use Diplomacy to change these misguided Muslims.
If every goes well we'll see them on Al jezeera getting their heads sawed off with a dull knife
and the remains hacked up and tossed to children as a trophy for the idiot westerners that think the Taliban can be changed , Svend's career is over and Layton can't seem to push his ban on Trans-fats while Libby keeps ramming the food down her throat and nneds the House doors greased to fit into Q.P. , Siksay is the biggest fool and Jack will just blame the beheading on the taliban being victims of child abuse and not understanding the true Islam.

If those 3 Amigo's won't stand behind our troops, at least they
can stand infront of them to slow down the bullets and show the taliban how quickly the NDP is willing to be murdered in their false paradise of Diplomacy.

Sorry folks, but the NDP has crossed over the line with the War-Crimes rants and defending Hezbollah and Hamas , three less idiots in canada is fine with me , plus Libby has enough fat for the dogs to live off her for at least 2 weeks.

11:56 PM, April 27, 2007  

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