Friday, July 28, 2006

So lemme get this straight? K.D. Lang figures that because the PM isn't going to show up at the Gay Games, he's promoting intolerance? Get REAL, what the hell does the absence of Steven Harper to the event have to do with intolerance? Perhaps he had better things to do, like I don't know, run the country?

Of course, Lang isn't the first (or the last) celebrity to publicly show how poorly informed or bloody insane they are. There was the mccartneys, who displayed a shocking level of ignorance and insulted the whole of Canada in the bargain with their idiotic Seal hunt campaign. Then the inflated Pam Anderson-hep-c shoved her pneumatic tits into the same issue and lowered the bar for Blonde intelligence when she hosted the Junos IN HALIFAX, and spouted off about the hunt. Hell, She couldn't even name Canadian singers when interviewed, naming a Brit and an American as her favorite Canadian acts!

And people wonder why I don't care about celebrities...