Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Man skydives with turbine engines strapped to his feet.

Man skydives with turbine engines strapped to his feet. Very brave/crazy Finn.
After my last two grumpy posts, you deserve to have a treat.

Even though a Federal District Court judge trashed Minnesota's video game law in a sharply-worded ruling yesterday, one of the sponsors of the legislation is ready to try again.

As reported by the St. Paul Pioneer-Press, State Sen. Sandy Pappas (D, seen at left) may propose new video game legislation in next year's session.
As reported by me, State Sen. Sandy Pappas is too stupid to breathe without being reminded. Heres what the dizzy bitch had to say;
"The federal court said we don't have a right to protect our children, but we protect our children from other things. We don't let them smoke or buy liquor. You score points (in video games) for how many women you rape, how many cops you kill. How could that not affect them psychologically?"
Man oh man, if She'd have said that all rock music CDs are made of equal parts dead babies and cocaine she would have sounded almost as rediculous. I'm gonna need bullet points to fit all my counterpoints in!
  1. "The federal court said we don't have a right to protect our children" Bullshit. We have the right AND the responsability to protect our children. Brainfree HoseBitch laws like Hers would REMOVE part of that right.
  2. "We don't let them smoke or buy liquor" No shit. Really? What the frick does that have to do with Mario? I suppose Sonic the Hedgehogs running a tobbaco shop?
  3. " You score points (in video games) for how many women you rape, how many cops you kill" Wow, really? In video games? Dirty Mario! All kidding aside, the drooling idiot is referring to Grand Theft Auto (which incidentally, is rape free) a game designed for gamers 19 years old and older. No decent parent would let thier kids play that sieries of games.
  4. is where parents should turn to for information on a games suitability for thier children. Not to that walking brainfart. ESRB ratings are more stringent than movie ratings, and a game rated E for everyone you could give to the Pastors kids and not worry about offending.
  5. Parents, please take the responsability for your kids, do your homework, and tell your elected officials to leave my hobby ALONE!!
This time, THROW AWAY THE KEY!!!

Serial child rapist and kidnapper Witmore is a poster child for whats wrong with our justice system. He's been comvicted multiple times for doing what a human being would never do and recieved light sentances and parolled even though he remains unrepentant. And every time he gets out, another little boy gets molested.

I don't know about you, but I find this unacceptable. The rights of children to remain safe and innocent MUST be protected by the courts, even if that means that the diddlers never see the light of day again. Iether that or look the other way when an angry father snipes a pedophile with a hipower rifle. (Which is guarenteed if any children in my family get molested)

Of course, our Conservative MPs are already moving on this;

Art Hangar, a Conservative MP from Calgary and a former police officer, also called for tougher prison terms for those convicted of sex offences involving children.

"There's only one way to keep a pedophile away from our children and that's to lock them up for longer periods of time and if in fact they're really serious abusers, put them away for life," he said

In June, Hangar introduced a private members' bill calling for tougher sentences.

Federal Justice Minister Vic Toews has said he is examining ways to expand the use of the dangerous offender designation.

Toews said he's consulting with his provincial counterparts about how to make it easier for them to pursue the dangerous offender label. Being designated a dangerous offender allows judges to impose indeterminate sentences on criminals.

Source of above quote,