Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gateway Pundit, an UNBELIEVABLE photo fraud involving the NY Times getting busted over a faked photo of a dead Labanese man.

Enough is Fucking enough! Quit lying to my face, quit pushing your agenda, quit embarrasing yourselves! Editorialising is fine, in editorials. Hell, I'll even read em. But keep your OPINIONS the flying FUCK out of my news! I want the five W's, the straight facts. Bullshit free. I want respectable news that I can form my own opinions on. If you can't manage that, then bugger off.

Sorry about the lingo, I'm just a dumb pipefitter. HA!
Judge orders halt to Caledonia talks,

Superior Court Justice David Marshall says the talks must be suspended until the barricades come down at the Caledonia, Ont., housing development. A judge is ordering an end to negotiations between the province and aboriginal protesters over a contentious tract of land until the occupiers move off the property. Marshall issued his order today after holding several hearings to discover why his previous orders to remove aboriginal protesters have been, in his words, "blatantly disregarded."


And lets just sit back and watch the order get ignored by both the Natives and the OPP.
Sometimes a comic says all you want to say...