Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sgt. Russell D. Storring: We Have to stay in Afghanistan

Another CBC news opinion piece by one of our soldiers in Afghanistan. Taliban Jack should read this before he beaks off about the Afghanistan mission being "terrorist-like".

Despite the increase in insurgent activities since early 2006, Afghanistan is still moving forward on the road of democracy and reconstruction. Schools, hospitals, clinics and businesses remain open despite suicide bombings, fire bombings, and rocket attacks. Thousands of Afghanis have been killed in attempts by the Taliban to bring fear to the population, like they did when they were in power. Unfortunately the Taliban have failed to realize that the people of Afghanistan have spoken and voted for democracy and freedom, and the more the Taliban try to terrorize, the more the people will fight back and the more they will support the efforts of the fledgling government and the coalition.

Kinda hard to argue against the will of the people we are there to protect.
When the next election comes along, Canada MUST vote Conservative!

Look at the opposition parties.

We have the Librals, who have all the positions about all the issues ALL AT ONCE! None of thier leadership candidates have any credibility from the way they've let thier strategists run thier campaigns. Before anyone should vote for them, the voter should probably waitfor a principaled sstand on an issue.

Then there's Taliban Jack, and his NDP anti-Canadian values party. Their entire strategy seems to revolve around courting the votes of the terrorists and cowards. The very idea of ol' crooked neck saying that he supports our troops as he stands as the leader a party who has called the mission in Afghanistan terrorist-like and our soldiers and Canada even warmongers. This should make any true Canadian sick in the guts.

Personally, I wonder whether the NDP are moving as per their principles, or are they trying to forment an anti-war sentiment and then take advantage of it. Either way, their recent posturing must preclude anybody with an ounce of decency or patriotism voting for them.

Thats where we as the informed come in. We have to talk to our families, our friends and our co-workers. We have to convince them of the truth, to defuse the Libral and NDP propaganda. A pleasant debate with a friend is alot more effective in changing a persons mind than a sound byte on the evening news.