Wednesday, September 20, 2006

An Analysis of insanity.

This paragraph is what has raised alot of hackles this week. Not for what it says, but for what it means.

What many outsiders don't realize is how alienating the decades-long linguistic struggle has been in the once-cosmopolitan city. It hasn't just taken a toll on long-time anglophones, it's affected immigrants, too. To be sure, the shootings in all three cases were carried out by mentally disturbed individuals. But what is also true is that in all three cases, the perpetrator was not pure laine, the argot for a “pure” francophone. Elsewhere, to talk of racial “purity” is repugnant. Not in Quebec.

From the putrescent Globe and Mail article about the Dawson shooting. Apparently the Globe, along with the rest of the Left, believe that personal responsibility does not exist.

The hack who authored this pap believes that Quebec's language laws are what drove the poor dear victim to walk into a school and open fire on the students.

What utter and complete idiocy!

Fact is that some people are bat-shit crazy. Evil happens. The trick is to detect it before somebody gets killed.

No matter what, the responsibility lies with the shooter. That is a fact of life, you do something of your own free will, whatever you did is your fault. If you cannot accept this fact, someone who raised you buggered up.

The Left, with their nanny-state laws, are trying their best to remove personal responsibility from the populace. Apparently, the citizenry is unable to shoulder the burden.

A very very good example is the Long Gun Registry. At the heart of the law is the idea that the average Joe-Redneck will become a raving homicidal maniac the moment he picks up his double barreled shotgun, or at least he'll let the neighbor kid play with it like a rattle. Therefore, as he isn't worthy of trust, Joe has to register his antique scattergun so the police can keep an eye on him.

Conservative ideas on the gun control issue differ greatly. Their idea of registering the gun owner, requiring a background check and providing education on safe gun ownership puts the responsibility where it belongs. Squarely on the shoulders of the gun owner. The government knows he's been a good citizen, he's been given the education on safe gun ownership, and if Joe buggers it up its his responsibility and he's gonna get nailed.

Last election we saw the naked face of the Lefts contempt for personal responsibility when a Liberal spokesman said that Canadian parents would spend the Conservative child-care money on beer and popcorn.

I don't know about you, but that sticks in my craw.

Excerpt from an interview with Omar Samad, Afghanistan's ambassador to Canada.

Q: What do you think about the political debate happening in Canada now?

Samad: We obviously know that all Canadians, regardless of their political persuasions, have the right to express themselves and to take positions. All we're saying is to clarify and let's provide enough precise and accurate information for people to have a better-educated judgment about the Canadian role in Afghanistan. I think that there are certain notions that exist within society here and especially among some political interest groups that are far from reality.

Q: What are the notions?

Samad: For example, the notion that Canadians are invaders and occupiers. I would invite any of them to go and see for themselves because the Afghans have invited the foreign security to help us. The notion that Canada is following the footsteps of the United States, for example, is far from reality. The notion that we should solve the problem by bringing the Taliban into the political governance circles of Afghanistan. That would be an Afghan domestic issue that the Afghan people would reject because they rejected the Taliban mindset and ideology


I think that this interview and President Kharzai's visit on Friday will effectively cut the NDPs position on Afghanistan off at the knees. Already Ol' Crooked-neck is backpedaling a bit.