Thursday, August 10, 2006

The courts have GOT to get tougher on child-molesters! ANOTHER diddler gets out of jail after a short sentence and gets busted for acting on his creepy and dangerous perversions.

A convicted sex offender has been accused of viewing child pornography near a public event filled with children, Calgary police said Thursday

Why is it that Judges don't see child molestation as a serious crime, and a BLAZING NEON FUCKING SIGN of a dangerous offender? Do they not realise that a 3 year sentance is not a deterrent? Have these bleeding heart gavel-bangers read the latest research on pedos that clearly shows that a diddler is uncurable, even by casration?

Or perhaps they couldn't care less.

Penn and Teller:PETA

PETAs not as good as you think it is, in fact its BULLSHIT!

"They're definately gonna wonder who the Canadians are from here on out, thats fer sure" Says a Canadian soldier after a fierce firefight Ujal Dosanjh doesn't want you to see.

But I want you to see it HERE!

And HERE where our boys beat the crap out of an ambushing force.
Unauthorized video clips of Canadians in Afghanistan have Ujjal Dosanjh all worked up.

Reached by the Star last night, Liberal defence critic Ujjal Dosanjh said, "It is quite likely that they could pose a danger," if they disclose operational tactics.
I fail to see the problem, Canadian operational tactics are bog-standard. Every infantry force worldwide uses the same tactics. What the clips do show however is dedicated and cool-headed soldiers couragiously returning fire with careful and deliberate shots. No cowboy bullshit anywhere, these soldiers are textbook professionals.

Perhaps thats what Dosanjh is REALLY afraid of.