Sunday, July 16, 2006


A friend said this today;
EA has kinda open the door towards such a thing already by charging for maps and mods that used to be free. BF 2142 is nothing more than a “mod”, being built on the same exact engine we already have but it'll cost us another $50. For big bussiness, it makes good sence.

I dont agree. 2142 is not a mod, its a new game using the same engine. Its no more a mod than Prey or Quake 4 are mods of doom3.

Why make an entire new engine for a new game when you have an engine already that'll do what you need? To make a modren engine, you need two or three years of development time and millions of dollars.

2142 has all new maps, art, models, vehicles, play dynamics. That all takes time and money to produce.

IGN has gameplay video on the link above. The game may look similar, but all games that share engines look a bit alike.
Feel like holy hell today.

Gonna be a bad day. Kinda the way it goes. Either I have a good day or a bad one where I'm so weak I can barely move.

Maybe tomorrow.