Sunday, August 27, 2006

This comic hurt me, its so funny!!

And on a personal note, my wonderful wife is making a humungus ham for dinner. Sometimes life is so VERY good!
Many leftist ideals are inherantly racist and/or sexist.

Forced Multi-cultralism - we have to protect your culture because its too weak to survive on its own. Bunk.

Feminism - Poor weak and stupid women need protection from Big bad scarey horney men. Bullshit.

Native issues - Its evil to want to stop treating Natives like children and stop taking away thier pride and dignity with monthly welfare cheques. Goddamned socialist GENOCIDE.

Political correctness - all of the above are inherantly inferior and need protection from White hetrosexual Males. Absolute empty headed idiocy!

Show me a Libral or a Dipper and I'll show you a bigot who's only missing his sheet.