Thursday, August 31, 2006

A couple of things have happened in the last couple of days that have me quite pleased with the government.

This morning Stephen Harper announced his plan to begin arming our border guards. This is an issue that the old government either dodged or made light of for years and years. To me it was a non-issue because our border guards are there to detect illegal goods before they get across the border. Because the only people who will transport illegal goods are criminals, one would expect them to not be very nice people, perhaps even dangerous people. Another kind of dangerous criminal would be the fugitive on the run who is trying to cross into Canada that we keep hearing about in the news because these unarmed border guards are powerless to stop an armed invader.

Therefore you will have to count me and many other honest citizens as being among those who will be relieved to see a side arm hanging off the belt of our border guards.

And yesterday, I was pleased to hear the government announcing that they are going to keep their promise to hire more RCMP officers, 600 more to be exact. Not surprised, but pleased.

The RCMP are known world-wide as a top flight police organization, and its always nice to see more of the men and women with the yellow stripe down their legs. (Its a weird image, but for some reason, that stripe to me means safety and security.)

Both of these announcements are aimed, and very well aimed at those of us who believe in having a more safe and secure Canada.

But that's my opinion...
Well, Empire Earth was a waste of my money. It runs perfectly, it looks great, and it plays wonderfully.

Problem is, I suck at RTS games, and this one is really really HARD! You see, I'm not a strategic guy. Hell I once lost a chess game to a guy who never played before!

My next games gonna be a shooter, I'm 1/2 decent at those and I get to blow stuff up as a bonus.