Saturday, August 05, 2006

I don't know whats more disgusting, CBC trying to sway public opinion with Leftist proaganda disguised as hard news or the Liberals playing politics with the blood of our fallen soldiers.

The CBCnews story thats got me so mad.

Two roadside bombs hit a Canadian military convoy just west of Kandahar on Friday, a day after the deaths of four soldiers raised questions about Canada's role in Afghanistan.

One of the bombs detonated between two vehicles, but there was no major damage and the convoy continued to drive through the danger zone.

One civilian vehicle was destroyed in the first explosion but it was unclear whether any civilians were injured.

The deaths prompted Liberal defence critic Ujjal Dosanjh to accuse Prime Minister Stephen Harper of distorting and changing the scope of the mission in Afghanistan.

"I think Canadians believed that the focus of this mission is different than what it appears to be today — today it appears to be solely combat," Dosanjh said Thursday.

Dosanjh is proving once again that his party is a pack of opportunistic lowlifes who wouldn't know a moral if it bit them on the ass!


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