Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A few somewhat random thoughts,

I am officialy at war with Telus. I switched to Vonage three weeks ago, because it saves me $35 a month. When we switched, my wife called Telus and set up a redirect which should have told anyone who called my old number what my new one is. Telus said "No problem". Then on the weekend my wife calls her grandparents, who tell her that her aunt is dead and they kept trying to call but our number was down. My wifes Aunt was in hospital for two weeks, and thanks to Telus's bumbling, my wife never got to say goodbye. SO, all you Telus customers out there, if you have cable internet or other hispeed 'net, check out www.vonage.ca!

On CPAC yesterday, I watched some of the debate on the Street Racing bill. The government has the right idea when they decided stiffen penalties on the crime, but the NDP MP who was speaking thinks that banning performance modifications will solve the issue. Hate to tell him, but not only do some performance mods improve safety (suspension and braking upgrades) and emmissions (high flow exhaust and intakes improve milage as well as power), but jackass kids will race any car they can get ahold of. I should know, I played car tag with my '81 Olds Omega 4-door every night from age 17-19. A large sedan with a 70hp 4-banger didnt stop me from 90kmph runs down mainstreet at 4am.

At the same time my daughters cat got 5 rabbit-hide mice as a "we love kitty" present, my sons Cocker Spaniel got a taste for rabbit-hide mice. Anytime now the results will apear on my lawn, sometimes its good to be a gimp...

I have an aweful twitch in my right wrist, making it impossible to game last night with my buddies. Sometimes it REALLY sucks to be a gimp.


Blogger Neo Conservative said...

light at the end of the tunnel?


7:09 AM, October 08, 2006  
Blogger Albertan Technophile said...

For those not yet diagnosed, maybee. For which I am very hopeful, but there is nothing for me to do except die with some modicum of honor and dignity.

7:50 AM, October 08, 2006  

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